The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City is a full service golf car business. Our service department offers you a full array of maintenance and repair services to keep your golf cart running smoothly and safely. Let our experienced and knowledgable repair technicians take care of your utility vehicle and golf cart service.

The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City Carries and can Order over a Million Parts To Deliver The Best Service Directly to You!

Proper maintenance of your golf cart will keep it running safe and will prolong its service life. With our conveniently located showroom and repair shop along with our on site repair trucks, getting your golf cart serviced has never been easier.

The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City Does Many Services and Repair


Also known as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV), Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) or street legal golf carts, electric vehicles are a popular choice for transportation. With rising cost of fuel, as well as concern for the environment, LSV and NEV electric vehicles are a growing sector of the transportation industry that has been generating increased interest in recent years. Because street legal golf carts run on batteries, there are no expensive stops at the gas station; simply plug in your electric vehicles to refuel. Further, the short trips that waste the most gas, and therefore money, are those that are best suited for electric vehicles. 

Not only do they reduce gas consumption, but electric vehicles also have no emissions, making them more environmentally-friendly than gas or diesel powered vehicles. Perfect for those quick trips to the store, getting around the neighborhood or apartment complex, picking up the kids up from the bus stop, and many other uses, countless people have discovered the numerous benefits of electric vehicles.

Our Trained Service Technicians combine their many years of experience, ensuring our clients of the best service possible.With our extensive inventory of golf cart parts and accessories, we are equipped to handle most cart repairs.

The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City is an authorized full service dealership. Our factory trained technicians can handle any of your golf cart needs. We service all makes and models, regardless of where you purchased your cart.

All used carts are Fully Recondition by The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City in house. Each cart is road test before becoming a The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City Cart. Each cart is striped down to the bare chassis, then pressure wash and painted,all fluids are change,brakes are inspected and serviced,front wheel bearings are repacked with new grease and new seals,suspension is greased,front end is aligned. All wiring is inspected and serviced. Each cart has New Batteries & Cables, a Fully Automatic Battery Charger,New EZGO Body,New Head & Tail lights,New Tinted Flip down Windshield,New Flip Down Rear Seat,State of Charge Meter.

Keep your golf cart running like new, we offer fast turnaround on service and repairs. Does your golf cart have squeaks or broken parts? We can tighten up any bolts and replace plastic parts to keep your cart looking and driving like new.

 Better Pricing And Quality Service:

  • Complete line of service and repairs
  • Replacement of broken plastic parts
  • Tighten up nuts and bolts 
  • Pickup and delivery service available
  • Same day express service
  • Scooters for sale

Have an old or unwanted golf cart you no longer use? We can haul it away for free. We pay up to $100 for your golf cart.

For a complete line of service and repairs for your cart, call The Golf Cart Shop of Sun City at (813) 634-2278 to schedule your appointment.